Monday, January 19, 2015

Nancy Theo Ames ~ Granddaughter of Adolphus Ames

I was reflecting on my Grandmother Nancy. She died 87 years ago when my mom was only 12 years old. That seems so long ago.  I wondered what life was like for her. I hope she knew some happiness when she lived in Truro, Iowa the home of the Bridges of Madison County. Sounds so deserving and so romantic.

Nancy died on September 30, 1928 leaving a 12 year old daughter, Grace and a 21 year old daughter Blanche. Nancy led a tragic life and it ended with a brain tumor. How sad.
Grandma Nancy grew up in Dane County and Rock County Wisconsin. She too lost her mother at an early age. Nancy was only 10 years old when her mom Cornelia Palon Ames died shortly after childbirth and "froze to death" as the newspaper articles said. I think she died from malnutrition and depression and possibly pneumonia.

After Cornelia's death Nancy was sent to an orphanage.  Her dad, Ira Daniel Ames was too poor and not in any condition to raise the remaining 9 children. When Nancy reached  17 she was discharged from the Orphanage and worked as a servant cleaning houses.
    Nancy married in 1904 to Ludwig Hansen and this marriage resulted in the birth of Blanche.  Ludwig was affluent but the marriage was not a good match.  They had many troubled times and both divorced in 1913. It was not a pleasant divorce.   Nancy went to work as a cook for a couple in Wheaton, Illinois.
Shortly after the divorce Ludwig sued a man for $ 10,000 and alienation of affection and "stealing his wife".  I think Nancy hid out in Wheaton to escape all the publicity.

 In 1916 she married Charlie Worthing and they moved to Truro, Iowa where my mom was born.
From what I have found of this marriage, I think she was happy in Iowa.

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