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Need help with migration trails and finding schools and churches in Western Pennsylvania

Subject: WPGS Library Research Request

Contacted a librarian October 25, 2013
My message inquiry:
I am trying to find out what part of the state of NY migrated to Liberty Township and Norwich Township, Mc Kean County in 1840-1850.
Also would like to know how a family traveled from Liberty Township in mc jean county in 1851 to Wisconsin. Did they go via land to Illinois then up or did they go by water and cross thru Michigan etc.

I am also trying to find out if there are any grade school records for Liberty Township, Mc Kean County from 1845-1850
and what churches were located in Liberty Township Mc Kean County in 1840-1850.
Thank you for helping me out
Let me know if this requires a fee for research
  "The History of McKean, Elk, Cameron and Potter Counties" published by J. H. Beers & Co.
in 1890 does not mention any large migrations from New York into Liberty and Norwich Townships.
Port Allegheny in Liberty Township became an important link for immigrants who had travelled up the
Susquehenna River and then travelled overland to Port Allegheny where they could travel by water
on west.
  My own ancestors who travelled from New York to Wisconsin about 1850 followed the southern
shore of  Lake Erie and stopped in Lake County to have a baby.  They walked.  Since there was no
other mode of transportation unless one had a horse, I believe they walked around the southern end
of Lake Michigan and settled in southern Wisconsin.  So far as I know, there was no boat that
delivered immigrants across the lake to Wisconsin.
  McKean County does have a website, and you might find some further information there.

Mary Lou Spindt
WPGS Library Research

I put in two maps as not sure if my ancestor Adolphus Ames stopped in Kalamazoo, Michigan to buy land or in Michigan to visit relatives along the way to Wisconsin.  Ames has relatives in Lenawee, Michigan.

PA to Lake County Illinois to Janesville, WI

Port Allegheny to Kalamazoo, Michigan to Janesville, WI

Message back to librarian.

Mary Lou
Thank  you for the information. It helps a lot.
Do you know if they left for better farmland? I have been to both places and southern Wisconsin looks better for farming.
I did not find anything on the McKean County Website about NY migration or about churches or schools in 1845-1850 Liberty Twnship and Norwich Twnship
Any suggestions where I might go from here to search for these things.

Thank you
PS I did put a map into my research showing the migration path. I really appreciate that information.  It helps a lot.
My ancestor sold his property before moving on so he may have had a wagon and a horse.  Also in his probate records in Wisconsin it said his wife died along the way so
that is why I can't find her. Darn. There are so many brick walls to hurdle. By the time he left PA and got to southern Wisconsin when he died in 1854 he was penniless and the children were
wards of the court. the daughter got married but the three boys became wards of the court and were farmed out to land owners to work.

Adolphus moved from McKean PA to Dane County Wisconsin in 1850. In 

Probate Record:  for Adolphus Ames  film # 1315955 box  81,82 August 1854  which listed all of his children, his death date ( August 1854), and the name of the guardian for his minor children and the marriage of his daughter Sarah at age 14. The probate records did not give the date for the death of his wife but stated she died seveal years earlier.  film # 1315955 box  81,82 August 1854 in Dane County Wisconsin he died leaving no property. His three children Ira Daniel, Henry, and Andrew Jackson were made wards of Harvey Campbell who became their guardian. According to the probate Sarah Julia the mother died years before. Sarah the daughter married Milo Campbell. 
Ira Daniel was 12 in 1854 when Harvey Campbell was made his guardian. In 1861 when Ira signed into the Civil War his guardian was listed as JOHN AMES!. I am trying to find information on this John Ames. I think it is John Norton Ames of Dane County Wisconsin. How is John Norton Ames related to Ira Daniel Ames? How did John Ames become Ira's guardian. There are no records for this in Dane County change of guardians. I have even tried to find a probate for Harvey Campbell to see if the probate would list a guardian change. 

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