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WHO is Adolphus AMES

Pictures above:  JOHN NORTON AMES

Sent by: Gary Gianotti via Jack Ames. 
I so appreciated these photos. Now to find if I can link my Ames to John Norton Ames

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Gary ,
I wonder if Nancy would like these old photos of John Norton Ames?
You may want to forward these her way if she doesn’t have them all ready.
These were sent to me 20 years ago by Glenda Lee Rogers of Howell , MI .
(Wish I didn’t lose contact with her as she was another Ames descendant with knowledge of family).
I think these pictures were taken when John Norton Ames was visiting David Hall Ames when that later family lived in Jerseyville , IL
I will copy Bob on this email in case he would like them also.


 | Liberty, Mc Kean PA; New York; Cottage Grove, Dane, WI
Adolphus Ames: Goal to find birthplace and relationship to John Norton Ames
1840- 1850 then off to Wisconsin | Liberty McKean Pennsylvania
Adolphus Ames was born in NY in 1809. Where? Unknown (
Married Sarah Julia ______________(last name unknown) in NY in 1837
Lived in New York State (unknown, but maybe Schoharie, NY) in 1809-1840
Lived in Liberty, Mc Kean, PA from 1840-1850
Lived in Cottage Grove,Dane, WI from 1851-1854
Children: Sarah born in 1838 in NY; Ira Daniel born 1842 in Liberty Mc Kean, PA; Henry born in 1845 in Liberty McKean, PA; Andrew Jackson born in 1848 in Liberty McKean, PA.
Adolphus land deed in Liberty Mc Kean, PA joined the land of Joseph Ames. Both Adolphus and Joseph signed as witnesses for each other's land.1850 Census PA McKean County, Liberty Township. Living there in 1850.  Age 41.
Farmer value of land $ 700.00
one person could read and write
Lists wife Sarah Julia 31 born in NY, Sarah age 12 born in NY, Ira age 7 born PA, Henry age 5, Andrew age 2
1 person could read and write per census.1850 Census PA McKean
1. Deed: Adolphus Ames: Book H, page 59,
26 September 1850.
2. Deed: Joseph Ames:  book H, p. 655,
26 August 1850
3. Adolphus Ames Liberty Township, Item 1789, Book 83, page 373, Grantee     CA Anderson and Grantor National Transit Co.  Loc:  Norwich.
4. Joseph Ames Warrant # 173, Item 2350, L 36, page 481, Loc: Norwich.
Grantree: CA Anderson; Grantor: J. Colegrove?
Adolphus Ames is my great great grandfather. I have spent many months hunting for his information.
Adolphus was born in New York state in 1809. Birth or Baptismal records have not appeared yet for him. I have a few leads but nothing is panning out. Adolphus married a Sarah Julia (last name unknown) in 1837. Their first daughter, Sarah, was born in New York state in 1838. Sarah grew up to marry Milo Campbell of Dane County Wisconsin but I'm fast forwarding...By 1840 the family was living in Liberty Township, Mc Kean (pronounced Mc Kane) County Pennsylvania where three sons are born, Ira Daniel (my great grandfather), Henry, and Andrew Jackson Ames.
There are other Ames living in Mc Kean County. One is Samuel Ames of Bradford Township, Cyrus Ames age 75 of Liberty Township, and Jospeh Ames living of Liberty Township. Joseph married Hannah and stayed in the area. Adolphus moved out of the area to Dane County Wisconsin in 1850. I think Sarah his wife died on the migration to Wisconsin because Adolphus died in 1854. In his probate, it said his wife "has been dead for several years." (although she could have died in Pennsylvania)

I finally ruled out Cyrus Ames as my ancestor. Now I have to search the records for Samuel Ames of Bradford Township, McKean Pennsylvania to see if he is the father of Adolphus.
It is possible that Joseph Ames and Adolphus Ames are brothers. They each signed as witnesses to each others property. The properties adjoin.

There is a Roxania Ames living in Liberty Township who is married to a Joel Rice, a Methodist circuit rider. Joel Rice buys property from Adolphus in 1850 when Adolphus, Sarah Julia and their children leave Mc Kean for Dane County Wisconsin.  Roxania may be a sibling of Adolphus and Joseph Ames.
Adolphus moved from McKean PA to Dane County Wisconsin in 1850. In August 1854 in Dane County Wisconsin he died leaving no property. His three children Ira Daniel, Henry, and Andrew Jackson were made wards of Harvey Campbell who became their guardian. According to the probate Sarah Julia the mother died years before. Sarah, the daughter married Milo Campbell. According to the marriage license for Sarah Ames and Milo Campbell, Harvey is not listed as Milo's father. Not ruled out because Harvey could be a nickname or middle name.
Ira Daniel was 12 in 1854 when Harvey Campbell was made his guardian. In 1861 when Ira signed into the Civil War his guardian was listed as JOHN AMES!. I am trying to find information on this John Ames. I think it is John Norton Ames of Dane County Wisconsin. How is John Norton Ames related to Ira Daniel Ames? How did John Ames become Ira's guardian? There are no records for this in Dane County change of guardians. I have even tried to find a probate for Harvey Campbell to see if the probate would list a guardian change. I am looking for a will for John Norton Ames to compare the signatures from the Civil War enlistment papers.
Here is information on John Norton Ames:
Native of Oneida County and a PioneerPassed Away.  John Norton Ames, a native of Steuben,
Oneida County, died in Oregon. Wis. He was born 7 July 1822 in Onondaga NY but lived in Steuben Oneida County before moving to Wisconsin.  John Ames was married to Mary Ann Ball. He was age 94 years when he died in 1917.

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